A downloadable Platformer for Windows

Welcome curious denizen, I'm Greenblu of the Gr~~n Blu.  I'm a Game developer who works with the LOVE2d framework. 

This is the first released demo of Chromastruct

 If you found game this from the Love2d forums or JDE, leave a comment to let me know I'd like to know how you got here out of all places. 

Check out my Tumblr to see what I'm Currently working on for the project: https://greenblu32.tumblr.com/

Feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to home-in on what aspects of the demo were positive or negative to deliver better quality in later releases.

Install instructions

unpack zip and run Chromastruct.exe. Make sure to always keep the folder named 'maps'.


Chromastruct Demo.zip 3 MB

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